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Judith A. Barrett

Thrilling Mystery e-Bundle: Dog Included

Thrilling Mystery e-Bundle: Dog Included

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Just a Girl and Her Dog who Expose Serial Killers

A vet tech with an uncanny ability to understand animals and expose criminals. 

Only Riley and Toby, her rescued German Shepherd mix, stand in the way of the desperate criminals who obsess over their plans to murder her.

While Riley untangles the clues in cold cases, the killers plot her death.

Did we mention the cute deputy and the sweet, awkward romance?

Tagged by Death, Chapter One: Look Inside

When Riley Malloy, vet tech, eased her SUV into a spot in the last row of staff parking, she shuddered at how full
the lot was. I have a bad feeling about today. As the sun cleared the horizon, she dashed to the back door of the Truman & Truman Veterinary
Clinic and hurried inside.

Riley’s only friend at the clinic, Marcy, met her in the hall. Marcy was slender,
blonde, and tall and looked nothing like Riley, who was red-headed, short, and
what Riley’s Aunt Millie called ‘curvy’.

Marcy’s face was pale and her hands shook as she hissed, “Something’s going on. There’s
a big staff meeting in the lobby and everybody’s here, even Dotty, the bookkeeper; in fact, Doctor Allen Truman, Senior, is making a rare appearance
this morning. I peeked into the breakroom, and Doc Senior was in there with two other men and a sheriff’s deputy, but I haven’t seen Doctor Truman, Junior, yet. I sure hope they aren’t planning on cutting our hours again or laying off any more people. I know at least three vet techs will give notice today. Some of the girls have been crying: everybody’s scared.”

Riley frowned. Marcy’s right. A surprise staff meeting on a Wednesday? I’m scared too.

Riley and Marcy stood next to the receptionist’s counter. The remaining staff members were seated or standing in small groups.

The clinic’s bookkeeper, Dotty, had moved the receptionist’s rolling chair into position in front of the lobby door and had a clipboard in her hand. She
frowned and shifted her ample body that had overflowed the small seat. When the last two vet assistants arrived, Dotty recorded two checkmarks on the paper with a flourish. She was the oldest person in the office, except for Doc Senior; her false teeth sometimes clacked, and some of the less charitable staff mocked her by snapping their teeth together behind her back.

Doctor Truman, Senior, and two other men stepped into the lobby. Riley narrowed her
eyes at Doc Senior as his sunken eyes glanced at the staff with a lifeless look. He’s even more gaunt than the last time I saw him.

When a middle-aged deputy followed them, Marcy elbowed Riley. “Just like I said,” Marcy whispered.

“Everyone here?’ Doctor Truman asked.

“Yes, sir.” Dotty scanned the paper on her clipboard.

Doc Truman motioned toward the men who stood next to him. “This is my lawyer and

Riley narrowed her eyes as she examined the two men. The middle-aged lawyer wore a
brown suit and black shoes, and the other man’s broken nose and clenched fists
reminded her more of a has-been boxer than an accountant. Maybe
the lawyer dressed in a hurry; at least his shoes match each other.
Riley shook her head as she remembered the time she wore one black shoe and a navy blue shoe to work; Marcy teased her the entire day and still mentioned it months later.

The lawyer glared at the staff, and the accountant crossed his massive arms as Doc cleared his throat. “You may have heard. It’s very tragic news. My son passed away last night.”

Doc side-glanced the accountant. “I think he was murdered.”

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Riley is a vet tech and dog whisperer with an uncanny knack for diagnosing serial murders. While Riley untangles the clues in cold cases, the killer plots her death. 



When Riley and Toby reached the front door, the bookkeeper nodded, and her smile was weak. “I knew you wouldn’t leave without Toby. You two belong together.”

Riley handed the key to Dotty and accepted the envelope with Malloy inscribed on the front in Doc Senior’s tight handwriting. Before Riley reached the door, Dotty rose and headed to the breakroom as a small, crumpled slip of yellow paper fluttered from her lap to the floor.

Riley picked up the scrap of trash. “Dotty…"

Dotty glared as she turned. “You should get away from here as fast and far as you can.”

Riley stuck the piece of paper into her scrubs pants pocket and hurried outside. After she and Toby were in her SUV, Riley opened the envelope and slammed her palm on the steering wheel.

Two weeks’ pay. I can’t live in my car; it’s impossible to apply for a job with no address.

“We’re meant to be together, Toby, just like Dotty said.”

Riley drove away from the vet clinic. “My apartment doesn’t allow animals, but we’ll find a cheaper one that allows dogs. We’ll need a little more money than this.”

A tear slid down Riley’s cheek. “I can dip into my savings, but there’s not much there.” Riley sniffed back the tears as she shoved the check, the envelope, and the sack of medications into her purse then pulled into a parking lot to call the apartment owner, who was a longtime friend of her Aunt Millie.

“It's Riley; I lost my job because the vet closed his business. How soon can I move out and still get my security deposit back?” Riley bit her lip.

“Sorry to hear that, Riley. We’ll chalk it up to extenuating circumstances. Is this Friday okay? I’ll advise the apartment manager to release your deposit.”

Two days. I’ll need to scramble, but we can do this.


Continue reading... Grab TAGGED BY DEATH and the entire bundle to enjoy a thrilling mystery with surprising twists, uncovering and stopping a serial killer, dogs and cats, and an awkward beginning of a budding relationship that has the potential to grow.


  "Vet tech Riley can "talk" to animals and understand them when they respond. Sound weird? It really isn't. Tagged By Death flows smoothly, is quite often very funny, and keeps you engrossed and reading, despite that pesky bedtime you've missed. A developing love story adds a level of warmth that usually isn't found in thrillers." ~ An Amazon Review

Books included in the Bundle:

  • Tagged by Death
  • Defy Death
  • Race Against Death
  • Stalked by Death
  • Deadly Equity
  • BONUS BOOK: Saving Toby
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