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Judith A. Barrett

Riveting Thriller 7-Book eBundle!

Riveting Thriller 7-Book eBundle!

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Get 7 Books (PLUS a FREE Bonus Story) in this incredible deal!

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Just a Girl and Her Men who Expose Serial Killers

Librarian with the skills of a Streetfighter and the soul of a Spy.

Maggie and her team of two unforgettable, unique men solve murders and uncover vicious criminals who have remained undetected for years, but her fight for survival comes at a cost.

The serial killers intend for her to die.

I Always Wanted to Be a Spy, Chapter One: Look Inside

My eyes snapped open. I glanced around my room. The light of breaking dawn scattered the shadows; I softly whispered, A sound. From the kitchen.

I eased back my bedcovers, grabbed my weapon, and padded in my bare feet to the hallway. I froze as someone opened a cabinet. Is someone searching for something? I pressed my back against the chill of the wall and slid toward the kitchen with the skill and silence of a viper. I lifted my weapon before I whirled into the kitchen.

“Margaret Sloan, stop sneaking around.” I covered my ears because Mother never spoke at less than full volume. “You give me the creeps. And what are you doing with your flashlight? It’s time for you to get dressed for preschool.”

I scowled and growled under my breath, "My name is Maggie. No real spy is named Margaret."

I stomped to my bedroom and flopped on the floor next to my dresser. I sorted through the drawers and tossed the unacceptable blue, green, pink, yellow, red clothes to the corner of my room. ...

“Spies wear black,” I grumbled.

Mother appeared in the doorway of my room and frowned. “Margaret Sloan, why are all your clothes on the floor?”

“I need a black shirt and pants.”

Mother turned away. “Get dressed and come to the table. Breakfast is ready.”

I followed her to the dining table in my white underpants and undershirt because Mother heard me better when I got her attention. I tapped her arm and glared. “Need black pants and a black shirt.”

“Why didn’t you say so? Got a play at preschool? Wear your dark blue shorts and shirt. I’ll shop for your costume today.”

The rest of the week, I skulked through the school hallways in my new black shirt and pants.

“Margaret, this is the fourth day in a row you’ve worn that same black shirt and black pair of pants. You need to change, so I can wash them. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find little girls’ clothes in black?” Mother shook her finger at me and handed me a department store bag. “This is southern Georgia. It’s too hot to wear black. The only reason I bought you more is that you worry me to parental exhaustion.”

I raced to my bedroom, dumped the sack onto my bed, and gaped in awe. I have black clothes, just like a real spy. I changed into a black T-shirt and shorts and commando-crawled down the hallway before I rolled behind a chair in the living room.

When I popped up from behind the chair, Mother gasped. “Margaret, you are just like your father.”

I raised my eyebrows. My father wore black?

Get the entire 7 Book Series of the exciting, explosive thriller plus a bonus by the award-winning author, Judith A. Barrett. 

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  Love this book! "I want to meet Maggie and be her BFF! This book is a mystery lover's dream, with clues popping up everywhere, and a main character who really is a character! Judith Barrett's writing style is refreshing and light and had me both laughing and crying out loud. I'm off to buy the next book in the series." ~ Amazon Review

Maggie spent her childhood training to be a spy and became a librarian. Life happens. Bad guys still lose.



The final week before graduation, I read about the Gray Man. I wore my sunglasses at the dining table because the sun streamed into the room at breakfast and anyone with a good set of binoculars could peer into the apartment at any time.

I stared at the window while I thought, A tall, bushy plant in a pot on the patio might block the view. Maybe Mother would like an azalea.

Mother scoured the local newspaper during breakfast.

I raised my voice to catch her attention. “Did you know some men are so gray they become invisible? Isn’t that amazing?”

Mother scanned the of her hobbies...and frowned. “They aren’t literally gray. It means they blend in with everyone else.”

“Then they’d be called the Blend Men.”

Mother pointed to the second column of the obituaries. “Oh no. These two people are three years younger than I am.” She knocked over her chair as she jumped up and reached for the phone to call one of her friends.

Time to shop. I bought gray clothes, hair dye, and a plant.

Mother screamed when I came out of the bathroom that afternoon with my gray hair. “I’m shunning you again, Margaret. Maybe until the end of the week. I need to get a cat, so I have somebody to talk to. I could say things like, ‘Cat, I called the plumber. The disposal doesn’t work.’ Or ‘Cat, I love the Ficus plant She-Who-We-Shun got for the patio.’”

“I’m right here, Mother.”

“Cat, I have a hair appointment. Maybe She-Who-We-Shun will wait for the plumber.” Mother grabbed her purse and keys and rushed out the door.

I searched the apartment, just in case. No cat.



 The small library branch was in an older part of Harperville. I stepped inside and listened to the quiet buzz of whispered conversations and the clicks of computer keys while I breathed in the musky aroma of old books and moaned.

The head librarian, Olivia Edwards, met me at the door. She was middle-aged, solid with broad shoulders, and tall. Her skin had a ruddy tone, and her short gray hair had a few streaks of soft brown.

We passed the main desk that was on the left near the door before she ushered me into her office. “I see you are in your Gray Phase.”

“Yes, I used to be in the Black Phase.”

Olivia smiled. “Ahh. I did the Black Phase long ago. I kind of miss it. Let me give you a quick tour.”

Olivia interrupted our tour to introduce me and to chat with patrons. She motioned to a reading room. “We’re here for the people, Maggie. Books mean nothing without people to read them.”

When we lingered in the children’s room, Olivia said, “What do you think? Could you work here?”

I glanced around the room. The walls were painted with bright cartoony animals in a gaudy jungle. I smiled as I thought, this is Mother’s kind of place.

Three toddlers and their mothers sat on the carpet, surrounded by piles of old and new books. One of the toddlers squealed as she hugged a book and then handed it to her mama to read.

“Yes. My kind of place.”

 Ready to read more? 

Grab I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SPY and the entire bundle to enjoy the riveting thrillers of the librarian with the skills of a streetfighter and the soul of a spy as Maggie and her unusual team expose long-hidden crimes but at a cost. The killers are desperate: Maggie must die.

  Fantastic book! "Barrett has created a quirky, creative, and indomitable heroine in Maggie Sloan, who not only exemplifies those characteristics but also possesses a wonderful sense of humor! She has two invisible champions who provide much-appreciated comic relief, and close friends whose loyalty is steadfast. There were many twists and turns in this book, which intrigued me. I can't wait to read more of Maggie's adventures!" ~ An Amazon Review 


Step into the hushed aisles of the library where every whisper tells a story of suspense. When a devastating murder disrupts her world, Maggie, a not-so-ordinary librarian, uncovers secrets more treacherous than any fiction.

With the instincts of a spy and a unique team backing her, she's drawn into a deadly game against a formidable kingpin. Will she prevail and halt the rising body count, or will she be the next chilling chapter?

Dive into this gripping thriller that blurs the lines between predator and prey, reminding us that sometimes the most unassuming characters can possess the fiercest spirit.

Books included in the Bundle:

  • I Always Wanted to Be a Spy
  • Red is the New Gray
  • Hidden By Fire
  • One Eye on the Killer
  • See Beyond the Fog
  • Slip from Sight
  • Counted in Blood
  • Bonus! The Librarian Who Wanted to be a Spy
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