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Bloodshed in the Badlands: Wren and Rascal Mystery 1 eBook

Bloodshed in the Badlands: Wren and Rascal Mystery 1 eBook

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Her Dream Gig: Write an article about a haunted campground.  Pitfall: Killer wants her dead.

As a freelance journalist, the assignment to write an article about a haunted campground in Arizona is Wren’s dream come true. It combines her love of traveling and camping with her loyal Labrador Retriever, Rascal, and the intrigue of investigating haunted locations. The Old West-style Arizona campground, Forgotten Oasis, has a picturesque setting, but a deadly threat looms beneath the surface.

While Wren digs into the mysteries of the Forgotten Oasis, she finds herself at odds with the young, widowed county marshal, whose protective instincts both frustrate and captivate her. Additionally, she contends with a snarky resident ghost who guards the abandoned saloon and has secrets of his own.

After uncovering a long-forgotten crime, Wren discovers new chilling crimes that only she can unravel when she realizes that a ghostly hint is a key clue. 

The serial killer in the shadows looks forward to reading her obituary.

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